A Little About Myself

Who in the hell is Derrick you might ask?  Well, like most people, I'm a nobody.  If I were to die tomorrow, the world most definitely would not come to a screeching halt, and the only people who would know or care would be the friends and family members in my life.  So let me introduce myself.  My name is Derrick Miller.  I was born in 1964, in the city of Ashland, Kentucky.  Not exactly the buckle of the Bible Belt, but pretty damn close.  I became an atheist in 1991, after 20 some years of Baptist upbringing; and a few of those years I was a devout Christian.  (See My Deconversion from Christianity)

I'm a former army brat, the oldest of four children, having two brothers and a sister.  I would categorize one brother as an agnostic, and classify my sister and youngest brother as die hard Christians.  My youngest brother was only a Christian the last few months of his life.  He died in 2005 after a battle with cancer.  My parents have been divorced since 1983.  I wouldn't say that my parents are Christian, meaning they aren't "born again", but they are firm believers in God.

Currently, I'm living in New Mexico with my wife, Lisa.  I have a son, Austin, and a stepson, David.  My wife doesn't share my atheism, but she's no holier than thou Christian either.  She has her own belief, and we leave it at that.  My son doesn't really have a concept of gods or religion.  He has heard people talk about God, Heaven and so forth, but has never asked question regarding the subject.  I do not try to shield my son from religion, because I know that he is going to be exposed to it.  I would never try to force my beliefs or non-beliefs on him, I will let him make his own choice.  If he wanted to go to church, I would take him myself.  But unlike other children who go to church, he will be offered both sides of the coin in making his decision.  My stepson, I would probably categorize as a deist; I'm not really sure on his position.  He doesn't accept the Christian idea, I know that, but he doesn't profess to be an atheist either.  He has dabbled in pagan religions, such as Buddhism.

Most people who know me, don't even know I'm a atheist.  It's not that I'm ashamed of being atheist, it's just that it never comes up.  I don't introduce myself like an alcoholic in A.A., "Hi, I'm Derrick, and I'm an atheist".  I don't give the impression of being some atheistic, heathen bastard.  And of course, people don't see any horns growing out of my head.  Not until the subject of religion or Christianity comes up do I let people know where I stand.

My knowledge of the Christian faith comes only through my own life's experience of being a former Christian, and being raised around Christians. I've lived it.  I also feel that I know more about the Christian faith than most of your everyday, run of the mill Christians.  My knowledge of the Bible comes only through reading it.  I've never taken a class in biblical exegesis or hermeneutics, so I don't claim to be an expert in the subject matter.  But I do have enough common sense to be able to read a passage in the Bible and see a problem with it.

The arguments and opinions I present on my website are that of my own.  Many atheists will agree with most of the arguments I present, and some may not.  Believe it or not, not all atheists agree on everything.  I did not create this website to try and prove that God does not exist; there is no way I can prove that.  I did not create this website to try and convert Christians or other religious people to atheism.  I could care less what other people believe.  I created this website because I wanted to offer arguments as to why I feel that Christianity is a bunch of hogwash, and to try and show that the Bible is not as infallible as Christians claim.

I am often asked why I pick on the Christian religion, and none of the others.  Being an atheist, I don't believe in any gods, no matter what religion they may be associated with, but because of my upbringing, I am more familiar with the Christian faith.  I don't know enough about other religions to critique them.  It wouldn't be fair for me to bash Islam for example, when I don't have enough knowledge about its belief system to do so.

Christians (those in the United States anyway) are constantly holding ridiculous protests, prayer vigils; hoping to persuade the legislator to pass laws based on their own pathetic moral beliefs...Laws against such things as gay marriage, abortion, euthanasia, pornography, or laws to enforce censorship.  They would also like laws passed that would remove all scientific teachings that disagree with their beliefs from the schools, such as the "Big Bang Theory" or "The Theory of Evolution"; two theories with overwhelming evidence to support their teachings.  If the Christian had his way, students would be forced to have prayer services before and after each class; prayers to the "Christian" God that is.  And daily Bible lessons...from the "Christian" Bible.  The "Ten Commandments" would be hung in every classroom.

Of course I don't lump all Christians together or view them all the same.  There are many Christians (some of which I know personally) that want nothing more than to mind their own business, worship their God and to just live a nice, decent life in order to receive what they believe will be their reward after they die.  I have respect for Christians and what they believe because I understand where they're coming from; I've been there.  I have respect for them as long as they have respect for me.  But for the most part...I find Christianity to be the most arrogant, pushy, hypocritical and self-righteous cult I had ever had the displeasure of being associated with.  At times I can be very cynical and sarcastic toward the Christian faith, and if I offend anyone, I don't care.

I am not a writer, nor do I claim to be.  I do not have a complete grasp of the English language as far as punctuation and grammar, and my spelling is atrocious.  Any fourth grade spelling bee champ could whoop my ass in a spelling contest any day of the week. If it wasn't for my spell checker, there would be many a misspelled words.  At times I may use 'to' instead of 'too', or 'except' instead of 'accept'.  It's not that I don't know the difference, but as I type, my brain will select the first word and spelling that comes to mind.  I may use commas where they don't belong, or not use them where they do belong.  Should I have used a comma before 'or' in that last sentence?  I don't know.  To me it seemed as if one belonged there, so I put one.  At times I may use long drawn out run on sentences.  I tend to ramble at times, or go off on a tangent when presenting an argument.

I love to debate Christians through email, so if you're a Christian who thinks they can set me straight, can prove that God exists or to debunk some of my arguments against Christianity, by all means, drop me a line.  You can email me at Faithskeptic@gmail.com.

Well, that's pretty much me in a nutshell.

You can read more about some of my other interests here.  (See My Interests)

2009 Derrick Miller