Some of My Interests


      When I was six years old, I was able to make out the "Big Dipper" asterism in Ursa Major.  Since then, I have had an ongoing love affair with astronomy.  I bought my first telescope when I was 25; an 8" SCT.  I took it out religiously every moonless, (except for those nights when I wanted to look at the moon) cloudless night.
      I was living in Arizona at the time, so the views I was able to obtain were extraordinary.  The skies were always dark, with almost zero light pollution.  Because there was very little humidity, there was never a problem with haze in the air or condensation on the telescope's lens.
     I tried to dabble in astrophotography, but was never able to obtain the quality photographs found in most periodicals or books.  I consider astrophotography a true art form, and admire the people that are able to capture the beauty of the universe on film.  You might even say I'm a little envious of them.  No, make that green-eyed with jealousy.  The pictures that I was able to take are horrible at best, but they are mine, and I keep them as a reminder of how difficult it is to photograph the night sky.

My Astro Pics

     I haven't taken my telescope out for the last 5 or 6 years.  Not because I got disinterested in astronomy, but because I just don't have the time anymore, not to mention that my telescope is 1300 miles from here in the attic of a family members home.  However, my love for astronomy remains intact, and I'm always keeping up with the latest news and advancements.
     These are some of the sites in the field of astronomy that I frequent.

Astronomy Sites

Amazing Space

Ask An Astronomer

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Astronomy Magazine

Bad Astronomy

Galaxy Photography


The Nine Planets


Sky & Telescope Magazine

Science Fiction

      Because of my interest in astronomy, I also have a great interest in science fiction.  Although I like all forms of science fiction, I have to admit that Star Trek (all series and movies) is by far my favorite.  I also enjoy collecting the classic sci-fi movies of the '50s and '60s.

Science Fiction Sites

Star Trek

SciFi Channel

Asimov's Science Fiction

Star Wars

Sci Fi Site

Classic Sci Fi

The X Files

Kentucky Wildcat Basketball

     I am a fan of many sports, but my greatest passion is NCAA basketball.  My roots are from Kentucky, so of course my favorite team is (without a doubt, one of the greatest teams in college basketball history) the University of Kentucky Wildcats.  There is not another team out there that can claim the type of tradition that the Kentucky Wildcats have.  Only one team has more NCAA championship titles than Kentucky, but Kentucky has won more games, appeared in more championship tournaments, won more conference championships, has the highest winning percentage, has the most 30+ win seasons.

Favorite Kentucky Wildcat Sites

UK Athletics

The Cats Pause

Kentucky Wildcat Basketball

Web Design

      If you are interested in designing your own web page, the links below will help you get started.

Web Design Sites

Freeservers web hosting

Mediabuilder web tools

Cool Archive web tools

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