A miracle is defined as an event that violates the laws of nature; an event that would probably happen once in a billion billion.  A child being born is not a miracle.  It's a wonderful event, but hardly a miracle. We fully understand how babies are made, and one is born about every 20 seconds.  A man getting pregnant and having a baby, now that would be a miracle.

A person gets cancer and they are told that they have 6 months to live.  A few weeks later, the cancer goes into remission, and the person lives another ten years.  Is this a miracle?  No.  Cancer has been known to go into remission numerous times.

Because modern miracles do not violate the laws of nature or physics, though some may seem that they do to some people, Christians need to grab them from wherever and whenever they can.  For example:

--A plane crashes with 200 people on board, of which 15 survive.

"It's a miracle!  Praise be to Jesus!"

185 people lose their life in a airline crash, and some call it a miracle.

--An infertile woman, whose futile attempts to get pregnant with prayer (along with the missionary position), eventually goes to a fertility specialist.  After several attempts, the woman gets pregnant with a litter of kids.  She gives birth to 10 youngin's, 3 of which die at birth.

"It's a miracle!  Praise be to Jesus!"
"I asked God for a baby and he gave me seven!"

So let's see.  A supposedly perfect god screws up and creates a woman who can't get pregnant naturally.  This woman, who can't get pregnant, prays to her god over a period of years for a baby.  After 20 years of prayers going ignored, the woman finally has sense enough to go to a fertility specialist.  After a few tries, doctors are able to do what this woman's god couldn't do, and that is to help her get pregnant.  After giving birth, she gives God all the credit.  Oh, and it's a miracle that only 3 of the babies died.

--A person is eating an ice cream cone, and one of the scoops of Rocky Road falls onto the sidewalk.  The person looks down and notices that the splattered ice cream seems to have miraculously made an image of Jesus or the Virgin Mary.  This person will then build an alter to this image, and the word gets out that she has been contacted by God.  The masses start pouring in from all over the world, hoping to see some sort of divine intervention.

These 3 samples, based somewhat on actual events, do not even come close to fitting the criteria of a true miracle.  Yet these are called miracles by Christians who are desperate to find some.

1998 Derrick Miller

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