These are some of the arguments presented by creationists and theists.

Complexity needs a designer

Creationists claim that the universe must have had a creator, because of its complexity.  The design of the human body is extremely complex; therefore it also had to have had a designer.  They say that the designer and creator had to have been God.  If this is the case, then who designed and created God?  He himself would have to be at least a million times more complex than anything he supposedly created.

Too many people believe for it not to be true

There are some that say that there are just too many people who believe in Christianity for it not to be true.  How can billions of people be wrong?  Well, there are billions that are Buddhists, are they wrong?  What about the billions of people that are Hindu?  Not only did billions of people used to believe that the earth was flat, but that the sun actually revolved around the earth.  Well, they were wrong.

The circular argument

A circular argument is an argument that references back to itself.


Theist:  The Bible is true.

Atheist:  How do you know the Bible is true?

Theist:  Because it's the infallible word of God.

Atheist:  But how do you know God exist?

Theist:  Because the Bible says so.

Theist use the Bible to verify its own truthfulness.

Can't prove God doesn't exist

There are some who argue that you can't prove God doesn't exist, so therefore he does.  Well that can be said for a lot of things.  Fairies, Santa Claus, Leprechauns, 1220 foot purple giants, etc.  Theist will many times try to shift the burden of proof to the atheist, believing that it is we that have made some extraordinary claim.

Pascal's Wager

The 17th century mathematician and philosopher, Blaise Pascal, said something to the effect. . ."If you believe in God, and are wrong, you have lost nothing.  If you don't believe in God, and are right, you have also lost nothing.  If you believe in God and are right, you will gain everything.  However, if you don't believe in God, and are wrong, you will lose everything.  Therefore, it is better to believe in God and be wrong, than risk eternal damnation."

May sound like a safe bet, but what if you believe in the wrong god?  What if you've been worshipping Jesus all this time, just to find out after you die, that the Hindus were right?

1998 Derrick Miller

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