Jesus the Anti-Christ?

In the wake of the terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001, people began pointing out coincidences involving the number 11.  Such as...

  • The twin towers of the World Trade Center standing beside each other looked like the number 11.

  • Flight 11, the airline that hit the north tower, had 92 passengers on board; 9+2=11.

  • There were 11 crew members on board.

  • George W Bush has 11 letters.  (George Walker Bush has 16 letters, but who's counting?)

  • Flight 77, the flight that hit the south tower, had 65 passengers on board; 6+5=11.

  • September 11 is the 254th day of the year; 2+5+4=11.

There are dozens more that can be found with a simple web search.  People were convinced that there was something special about that particular day because it involved all these 11's.  Of course you have to manipulate the numbers to come up with the number 11...You have to add some together, subtract some, leave out some of the letters in people's names, or what have you.  Take the number 254, the numbered day of the year for September 11th...What if instead of adding them together, you added and subtracted as such...2+5-4=3.  That doesn't work; it doesn't give the result you are looking for.  And that's what people were doing, they were looking for patterns.

Using this same method, or one similar, it can be shown that Jesus is in fact the anti-Christ.  Let's take the number 9...Why the number 9 you may ask?  Well, God's perfect number is 7.  If you add the number 3, representing the Trinity, you get 10.  Now, take away 1 part of the Trinity, Jesus, and you have 9.  You have to take out Jesus, because being the anti-Christ, he's not really part of the Trinity.  So, 9 is our number.  That number came about through scientific means, so it can't be disputed.

Now, assign the multiples of 9 to each letter of the English alphabet where A=9, B=18, C=27, and so on.  I have done it for you below.

A=9 J=90 S=171
B=18 K=99 T=180
C=27 L=108 U=189
D=36 M=117 V=198
E=45 N=126 W=207
F=54 O=135 X=216
G=63 P=144 Y=225
H=72 Q=153 Z=234
I=81 R=162  

If you take the name JESUS and add up the numbers that correspond to each letter in his name you will get...


Undeniable evidence that Jesus, the son of God, is in fact the anti-Christ.  But, to be more scientific, let's repeat the experiment with another name, MESSIAH.  Jesus is said to be the Messiah.


Still don't consider that enough evidence?  Let's use the word GOSPEL; the Good News, the story of Jesus.


To be absolutely sure, so there is no doubt, let's use Jesus' Hebrew name Y'SHUA.


More? How about the symbol of the Christian faith?  CROSS


The experiment has been tested and repeated again and again, confirming Jesus to be the anti-Christ.  For over 2,000 years, Christians have been duped into worshipping the son of Satan.  Coincidence?  I don't think so.

2009 Derrick Miller

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